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  • Fishing Tips

    Hello every one, here are some tips to get a bit more from Fishing.

    Lets start with some basics :
    at any given moment there are:
    lvl.0 - obstacles x3
    lvl.1 - Gold Chest fish x5
    lvl.2 - Daru fish x5
    lvl.3 - Luck Stone/Bounty scroll x5
    lvl.4 - Shadow stone fish x2

    Gold chest fish & Daru fish give 1 point to lvl exp

    Luck Stone & Shadow stone give 2 point to lvl exp

    Bounty Scroll fish give 3 point to lvl exp

    How to do Fishing fast and gain the most of it?
    To gain the most you will want to get the highest lvl you can, so how do you do it?
    If you are under lvl.5 - go for the Luck stone fish they give good exp and are not that hard to get.
    If you are over lvl.5 - go for the Bounty scroll.

    So now that i know what to get, How do i get it?
    The fish always move and their speed stay the same all the time, so you have to aim a bit ahead of the fish you want,
    if you not yet sure about your aiming ability - its better to wait for an opportunity when there is no other fish close to the fish you aiming for.

    Some General Tips:
    • Dont fish when you are lagging - you can see if you are lagging by the fact that fish appear in the middle of the tank out of nowhere.
    • Take your time, wait a minute or 2 for the right moment.
    • When you start fishing, wait the first minute without shooting the spear, just get used to the speed of the spear and fish.
    • Notice that there are always the same number of fish on screen, so you can predict when a fish will come out, just not what side it will come out. so if you want to use some of the bonus spears it might be good to wait for the time when the fish arrayed in the right way.