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npc's for mpd's

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  • R24773241
    started a topic npc's for mpd's

    npc's for mpd's

    i suggest u make npc's that u can pay with gold for the services of to do all mpd's with coz right now this game sux, u have to wait on people and then the right type of player to get anything that is multiplayer done, people have lives they don't sit on laptop and pc all day waiting for people to come on so they can get stuff done!!!!!

  • dwmedia
    I should like to see Cross-side in everything some has me multiplayer to do.

    TOK, Spire, MP

    becouse some server has no mages left S100 has like 5 or 10 mages as max. And them dosent wanna run like 100 mps a day just for help.

    Should be great if man can pick every singel mage some is online in echo type.

    Europa for Europa U.S West for West etc.

    With should make it easier to run and done everything if man just can pick people some playing in with ever server them like.

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  • Zeak42
    Assuming npc's were put into place, then there would be alot of problems. For one, npcs are by definitition non playable characters. What this means is you wont have control of when to use a skill in a strategic manner. For example, in moonevil den you need to use scatter shot at specific times on the last boss to beat it. If there is one thing I have learned from Tower of kings, its that npcs have very little strategic planning, so you wont get that scatter shot at specific times. Also this is an mmo, meaning a massive multiplayer on line game. What this means is it is SUPPOSED TO involve making parties with other players. IF you want to have a solo game, why are you even playing wartunes. IF you have a real life and cant wait on people to get things done, then make schedules. For example, on my server i have a set time with 3 other guild mates that we will do Tok, spire, and mp dungeon because it is a time we can all make. If all else fails do as po1NNNt suggested.

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  • po1NNNt
    You know, I know, and even R2 knows that this game has a 100% percentage of 1 person can't do all his stuff if he works ( meaning all wb, all daily, not leaving a single quest un-done ).
    Share your acc, do what you can, or quit. This game is meant to take some time to play it.
    Be happy they reduced the amount of mp's, otherwise....90% of the topics in here would be about mp taking too much time.
    If you are an " old " player, you should know the difference, but seeing all use/share acc to do dailies for themselves/for others, thread's like this stopped to exist cause players found the solutions to solve it. Try too, just don't get caught.

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