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Dilemma of tanking in pvp and pve

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  • Dilemma of tanking in pvp and pve

    The consept of a knight tank relies on health, their shield scales with health as well as their self healing scales with health, the healing bonuses gained from mages also scale to a degree with health. Normally the consept of health based tanking is not a problem, however the way pve and pvp hp based targetting works in this game, makes it a problem.

    Why you ask?

    Great deal of most used abilities such as ultimate slasher, pick target that has lowest health in enemy team. Also the most commonly used abilities by mages and archers, either hit everyone in the team or they can go past the front row nearly always hitting the person in middle /back, as the tanker, who has the highest base health and defences, isalways staying on higher % hp, than their back row counter parts, due having larger hp pool and taking reduced damage from these attacks.

    What this does is : For the rest of the fight, no matter what the front row " tank" does, all major abilities WILL land behind him to his allies, and tank will always be last man standing, when in traditional means, tank should be always the first to fall.

    This completely nullifies the purpose of formation and back-middle-front row in pvp, it doesn't really matter what formation you use if its against teams that do not use 2-3 knights, that is, 80%+ of the teams, most attacks will go nearly always past front row.

    So far only way to counter this is to go purely defense statistics as knight and ignore the benefits they gain from hp and block altogether, ruining the point of how their skill trees work on tank side.

    What we need is a " security " zone. A point that nullifies the usual targetting mechanics for one person in the party
    ( pvp) or two ( pve) .
    I'd suggest the spot right behind the front rows. not like this : archer - nothing- knight, but like this : Nothing - archer- knight. In adition if you'd use mage-archer-knight, mage wouldn't be safe, just the archer right behind the knight.

    Also if you use nothing- archer-mage archer would still be immune to ultimate slasher and such untill mage falls, the zone being tied to a front - middle relationship, instead just a class.

    I belive this fundamendal change to formations would bring consept of " tank" back to the game and it could also be used in pve.

    To iron wire this : Please make it so that the spot right behind front row can not be targetted by abilities that aim based on target healt as long as someone stands in front of that point.

    Example of "safe" formation in pve.

    back- archer-knight

    back- middle- front

    back- mage- knight

    The archer and mage here would be immune to abilities that target based on health, those abilities would ALWAYS hit the person front of them instead, however area attacks and abilities that target randomly, could still hit them.

    Example of "non safe" formation.

    Mage - Knight- Front

    back- archer - front

    back- mid- knight.

    There are no people in mid lane behind the bottom knight and archer in middle is not on same lane as he is, so he's not protected.
    In aditionally the knight in top row is not standing on front, so the mage behind him is NOT protected from hp based attacks.

    These rules would apply to pvp as well, just with three people instead four.

    Just my suggestion as a tanker style knight.
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