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Feed back Mage base attack and rage gatherer skill.

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  • Feed back Mage base attack and rage gatherer skill.

    I noticed an unusual problem when fighting a very high magic damage mage of my level today.

    When she was using spells that cost rage I took arround 600-1200 damage being a tanker from these hits, however when I hit her with Intercept reducing her rage to 0 and she was forced to use auto attack and rage gatherer... all hell broke loose.

    She was hitting 3400-4000 non critical NORMAL attacks to me, with both automatic attack and he rage gatherer.

    My point is, with base attack that scales this well, why do mages use spells? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to just spam the fast rage gatherer and
    basic attack instead using the qte castable other abilities instead?

    Either rate, to me it seems bit odd if a same mage did ULTIMATE on me for barely 2-3k yet her energy gatherer always hit me for 3k +, worth looking in to ? mages are all about spells after all, not poking with flash sticks.