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    Okay, i have i good idea and hope most will support me. It is about the arena time, i work every day and i am sure i am note the only one. Thats why i cant play arena, and it's kinda not fair My idea is to make arena like party dungeon, what i mean is lets say u do 1 match every 1.5 min averrage
    time for an hour that makes 40 arena matches a day. the point is to make it so u can play arena any time but u get insignias for the 1st 40. That way all can get arena items but it will be nice to be able to play after those 40 for practice and so. Thats my idea comment and support the idea if you like it hope the devs will make it real

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    Thumbs up from me, arena should be open on more times


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      This has already been suggested countless times -.- sorry but it has


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        well i dont have time to browse forum so sry for posting it again but since i like the game i want to benefit of all its features as all do but as a working man i can get
        to arena only in sunday let say i make like 60 insignias per week it will take years to get items beside after few weeks all kids start school and wont be able to do arena too doing this change wont affevt game ballance just will make it better for all and if we all want it and make note that we are devs will probably make it real to please us


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          You writing a paragraph in a thread looks like it takes more time than looking at the search bar, but yes those are good ideas that the GMs said theyll look at


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            well i am sleepy and don't write as i should and as you said if this idea was posted several times that means a lot of players will enjoy it so if more people join the
            thread it will make note to devs once more


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              Regardless it's been suggested COUNTLESS Times and is already being looked into
              'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~