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Mainteance suggestions!

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  • Mainteance suggestions!

    Its not that we should give wartune staff more work but some tips and ideas to think about. As a free game, it should be read.

    *Lagg you get in cloud city after being there for awile is realy bad.(I have 50/50 internet wich is realy good + provider gives me max of it and got powerful gameing pc for my daily work. But cloud city render speed is too fast, should be lowered like 25% to make it faster)
    *There no shop discounts in shop.(Its one of the few games that has rarely discounts in shop, there should be weekly ones on different items)
    *Forever theres been farm only till lvl 30 (Add atleast 3 more places for farm! It should be very easy update)
    *Add better % to different vip coin items. (As theres been only few people to get high ones in past 2 years)
    *Too meny people have the loading problems. (Add atleast a guide to avoid laoding speed problems, example here )
    *People who dont use vip should have more rewards in game. (Example, each time you lvl up like 8-10 lvl's you get vip card for 1-3 days or so, add wings to game that dont need payment but give like 2 or 3 times less bonuses, alot people have different ideas on this topic, collect those ideas and use them)

    Talk about this around here

    Best place to read about problems that people get is to go to wartune facebook page, alot is being posted on daily basis. There are more and more problems in the early part of game before lvl 40 and 50.

    Currently playing 205!

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    yes im agree i dont need discounts in shop because i never use balens xdd but is a good idea my conection is very bad and i cant play wartunes boss bg arena party... !..