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Can Kabam use Molpoint for recharge balen and vip?

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  • Can Kabam use Molpoint for recharge balen and vip?

    Dear Kabam,
    I'm play in Kabam server-5 such knight level 72 with br 97K and honour title is Lord Divine.....My Suggestion is, some player dont had credit card to
    recharge and buy balen and vip, when i see/ look into wartune site, in there have molpoint to reload that balens and vip, is easy to people who was
    still not working and dont have crdt card or pay pal to buy easy to say they all in wartune site so happy with that.....BUT when i see in kabam, so many people love to play in here, but half of that player dont have credit card and paypal, that is make difficult to them.. I hope kabam can take
    this opportunity to use molpoint ...and i also happy with that..​