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amethyst mine got worse

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    Working as intended, nothing will change.
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      Originally posted by R213202787 View Post
      be better than them and they will stop attac u trust me
      Not true. A LOT of these Amethyst griefers will gladly spam attack people much stronger than they are because they are trying to slow them down and keep them from plundering others or turning in within the double time limit. I have seen an outmatched, non-cart hauling toon lock up someone close to 20k BR higher than them for the ENTIRE 30 minutes starting from the second they TRIED to get a cart. The person was never even able gather their initial 100 Amethyst because of it. Since clicking on both NPCs and the gathering points is a little buggy already it makes it easier for these kamikazes to do this kind of thing. What the OP is describing is no better than head-hunting and harrassment.
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