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Circuit what?

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  • Circuit what?

    we've only had this latest patch for only couple of hours and i regret to say this but its my oppinion that the person who designed these quests , circuits quests, was on crack cocaine, methamphetamines and prolly a bunch of other drugs that fry out your brain cells, also the one that gave the "go to " for these quests to be implemented is definetly retarded. I just have couple of questions.
    Why the **** would u create a quest that u cant abort?
    Why the **** would u hand over "Imperial Seal" on online rewards x2/day for 3 days, when it takes 1 seal to complete a quest, yes a single quest! and its 200 weekly, the ratio there makes u think that u wanna buy the new line of ferrari thats about to come out in august.
    Why the **** would u make me spend insignias, crypt tokens, valuable time, and every other resource there for 300 soul crystals ?


    Why the **** would u create a quest that cannot be aborted?! Its ******* outrageous!!!

    It should have attempts, like for example accept the quest -attempt 1/200, abort the quest still attempt 1/200, take the next quest -attempt 2/200, abort 2/200...and so on . Its not really rocket science!
    And the last thing...

    I would deeply say : "Excuse my language R2", but that would imply that i care. Stop ruining this ******* game with all this ******* hunger out for $$$ the ******* days wont end in the next 10 years, the Mayans were wrong Apocalypse aint coming morons.

    Let the world enjoy this awesome game as it was intended. Please stop being retarded every step of this game's evolution!

    Peace out. Yours trully.

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    Completely agree with zDruu, either u make it 50 quests per week, with everything unchanged, or, please get rid of all the stamina requiring quests. The more you want to squeeze money out of gamers, the more you loose customers. Cheers.


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      Plus I can't even use Imperial Seals. I have 6, but if I click on them, I just pick them up. I don't get the USE option. Anybody know how to use them?


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        I wonder how long it'll take for the developers to come to their senses... I've seen so many complaints about these. I'm just one of the many people

        Originally posted by Bortre View Post
        Plus I can't even use Imperial Seals. I have 6, but if I click on them, I just pick them up. I don't get the USE option. Anybody know how to use them?
        You need to click "complete" when you get a circuit quests. Or go to quest book and click "Complete Now" on it.


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          You don't need to spend stamina or your mpd attempt for circuit quests.
          Running solo dungeon without stamina or an mpd without the attempt will still have the kills count.

          However it is incredibly stupid that some of the quests require you to spend 1k crypt tokens for an archaic craft item for instance, wth?


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            Dude, you don't need to do these quests at all. idk why people think that if you don't do these quests all 200 of them that you will miss out on everything. you just the ones you can or wan to do. If you don't want to do any then don't do any. It isn't like a MPD or tok where it's a must completion or you won't be able to play your toon right. So point is stop the crying and just don't do them. Save your seals for the spending insigs/cypt tokens only. That simple.


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              But the fact that never changes is that thanks to these things there are much more lags than ever