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Circuit Quests - Ancient Weapon

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  • Circuit Quests - Ancient Weapon

    Hey guys, this is probably my first post here, so pardon me if I'm in the wrong section or any other problems of the sort.

    During the circuit quests, I encountered one which was... I have to say... really ridiculous... I had a quest I had to get an ancient weapon (level 60 piece). I don't think I need to explain much... 700 tokens for one... Let's be honest, should such a thing really be one of the circuit quests? It's honestly taking it a little too far. Just saying it's not really right. I'd say just the 10 sylph kills as the "max" difficulty, considering you also need to do 200 quests.


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    You probably need to file a ticket.

    Having to spend 700 crypt tokens for 1 circuit quest is too much.
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      Ah, I see. Will do that, thanks.


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        actually it isn't a bug
        some really rare quests or totally ridiculous

        I heard of people that need to buy a L70 lege stone (800 contribution), a huricane steed shard (2500 contribution), ...
        Even worse, if you're not lvl 70 yet, the quests can possible send you to kill mobs in a solo or multiplayer dungeon to which you don't even have access yet.

        None of these are bugs apparently.
        However, that doesn't mean that nothing can be done about it. Maybe if enough people complain about this, they'll take out the more insane ones, you never know.


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          I myself had a quest on my last one (50) for first chest for leg 50 shard 500 insigs , in which i'm trying to save to get leg 70 gear . Why can't we atleast get X amount of cancels of quests a day or make it for gear or dungeons you actually need...
          That's ridiculous to use your insigs or crypt tokins just for stupid quests....


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            ^^ agreed they must put a stop to that and fix asap please come up with new update to fix that. if not i dont think anyone will do those quest.


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              If you think that was stupid, wait until you got a quest where you must sacrifice a sylph.
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