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Few suggesstions!

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  • Few suggesstions!

    I have some few suggestions that to me, I think they might work(i.e if implemented). But firstly, I'd like to thank R2 Games Team for another patch added to wartune.
    My First suggestion is-The Circuit Quests is a two hundred(200) quests with rewards being distributed weekly. I also know the Imperial Seal is used to speed up the rate of performing a Circuit Quest. I suggest we get to buy Imperial Seal with gold since not everyone on the server or other servers have time to do these quests. Or You can reduce the amount of Circuit quests like (100) or less. I think hearing from customers' plea is what's best for Wartune.
    My Second Suggestion is- Everyone Wartuner knows we have a shop that consumes balens which is used to buy stuffs and other valuable items. I suggest we have a shop that we can use gold to buy other valuable items(not to be confused with guild shop). With these suggestions I have made, I feel if they are implemented, people would feel encourage to keep playing and someday support the game

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    Your suggestion will enhance the gaming experience for players.
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