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One HELL of a Quest!

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  • One HELL of a Quest!

    I just wanna share shock which i got when i took one circuit quest! Quest is to get Hurricane Steed Card,which is 50k contribution points...just OMG! xD At least we get these Imperial seals,but WTH to do if u get that and u dont have seals to finish it...

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    I never got an armor from catacombs since I started my archer... this guy needs it, ur quest is doable .
    Player Class: Archer
    Battle Rating : 162k+

    ^ Manly purple!


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      you probably needed to buy 1 shard, not all 20
      but that's still 2500 contribution, aka 2.5 million gold

      hope you can't get that quest if you already have the huricane steed, cause that would be a total waste

      I really hope we're gonna get an imperial seal daily, maybe like the Signet Training from 100 devotion


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        nah now u know , save the imperial seal , some quests are messed up, and a bit too crazy
        -West Coast S115


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          Yea,i have Hurricane Steed already...and i got that quest...its crazy.. I mean,quests and rewards are awesome so i dont wanna whine about it...but there should be some seals for devotion or smth bcz of quests like these


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            I had a guildie that was required to finish tarratons lair and he had a helluva time trying to find a party since everyone is on dt nm now


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              i like how everyone is saying use those seals but just remember only the older servers are getting a free seal... all the newer ones arent even getting one of those but they still have curcit quests in their servers... what are they meant to do if get an impossible quest... r2 mod or gm or whoever pls forward this issue on if you are litterally telling people the only way to proceed is to use the seals that you get for free can you at least give the seal to newer servers too or else everyone is gonna get stuck and not be able to move on