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Circuit Runs

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  • Circuit Runs

    The requirements for the Circuit Runs is Way out of preportion to the rewards that are given. One run wants me to spend 700 crypt tokens, while so many of the other runs use up so much Stamina I have none left to do my usual daily quests... there needs to be something done about this or I may have to quit the game if R2 can't get their s&*t together. And they will no longer get any of my hard earned $ that they LOVE so much....

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    you can complete the circuit quests without any stamina. but for the 700 crypt token quest then yes.. its to much ^^
    if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

    Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

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      One has got quest for spend 1000 tokens. But that quest should be worth the 35 balens.
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