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Amethyst Mine

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  • Amethyst Mine

    Hi Wartune,
    I have a Suggestion for the WARTUNE TEAM about the Timings of the Amethyst mine...
    21:00-21:30 is the official time for Amethyst mine....
    I suggest that there should be 2 times for Amethyst Mine just like the Tank Trails.... i.e if a player can't attempt the amethyst mine in the night at 21:00-21:30 he/she is able to do it in the morning 12 Hours time gap... that is 9:00-9:30
    I appreciate if my suggestion is considered!

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    The Amethyst was supposed to "replace" the 2nd WB, no idea why they didn't keep it during that time or at least one instance of it during the old wb time slot


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      Well i did not know about this... but i'm saying that there should be 2 times for the amethyst mine because the WHOLE SERVER is in that amethyst mine... so alot of lag and every one is plundering each other, so crowded... thats why 2 timings...