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s1 being test server

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  • s1 being test server

    So as all know, s1 gets the patch a week earlier then most other servers under the pre-txt of it being a "tester." Now if its a tester how come the stuff the are usually found wrong in the new patch aren't fixed then? (the one exception I could think of was when we got the blessing wheel, that got delayed cuz of some problems with it.) In the most recent patch for example one thing that mostly everyone has been finding a pain in the *** is cirquit quests. Some of these quests are really impossible or extremely expensive to do and not worth the effort. For example I've seen people complaining that they've got a quest having them by pieces for the guild mount, which each piece is worth 2.5mil gold for those that didn't know, there have been people complaining about quests that have them get an equipment drop from catacombs, when most of us go months without getting any equipment drops from there, there are also quests that send people to do maps that are ahead of their lvls, or greatly beneath there lvls making the rewards they get from that map complete ****. Aside from these things, im sure others have other things that they have found completely impossible or annoying to do in cirquet quests. So if things like this keep happening although s1 is the supposed test server, why even have a test server? wouldn't it just be better to get rid of the stupid test server thing that they usually don't find out much from anyways?