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SUGGESTION: Rewards for melding Sylphs and better Mahra Recovery?

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  • SUGGESTION: Rewards for melding Sylphs and better Mahra Recovery?

    I meld sylphs all the time even tho I don't get the same love sometimes. I hear other friends say "why do it?" I know it helps friendliness but maybe if u offer incentive, people will help friends' sylphs more. Also, Mahra is expensive and far between. Before others are trampled once again and get burned out in this game, I think you should come up with "other" ways to get it. On another note, thank you for making me "want" to hunt for sylph. Incentives go a long way and help keep this game leveled with players who actually want to play. Oh and Anyways, have a great day and thanx for letting my questions, thoughts and suggestions show...
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