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Suggestion for reworking Ghostbuster quest READ

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  • Suggestion for reworking Ghostbuster quest READ

    First gonna start with there are tons of treads about this quest but I dont remember reading about something similar to what I have in mind.Got this idea while doing this quest ofc lol for lost the count witch time.So here`s the thing we know there`s a small chance to get essence without a fight so I thought why not to get benefit for it (not counting exchanging).If they rework the quest for gathering 10essences from L1-4 instead of kill 10 minions.If you are lucky and get 1-2 without a fight good for you it comes in handy.This is a small rework quest will remain players will continue to kill mobs but if they get lucky and get essence it will count for the quest I find it fair.Leave your thoughts.Its a win-win for everyone .

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    How long does it take to complete all 200 quests?

    It may be fun and new this week, but can you actually see anybody actually doing 200 per week, every week for the next year or so.
    A small change like you suggest is not a bad idea, but the whole concept of how much time it takes need's reworked.

    A lot of players on my server have already given up on these quests. The rewards vs Time it takes does not make it worthwhile to waste time doing them.
    They need to reduce the amount of time needed to do EVERYTHING on this game, not increase how long it takes to do 1 **** event.


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      I know im at 186/200atm but so tired and the though of doing another 200 next week gives me headache.


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        im in 60th qesto...soooo tired -,-
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          actually the drop rate of essence without a fight is much higher now than before, but yes it will save us time if it changes the mission into gaining essence. But I don't think the quest giver will be happy with that, she wants to see blood !


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            Just done Draggyy she drained alot of blood from me now she can give us some joy xD.


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              I like this idea. I know they will never remove the atoll quest altogether but allowing the drop of an essence to count for the quest sure does speed it up.