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Big Ideas/Change for Wartune

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  • Big Ideas/Change for Wartune

    Hey so I had a idea for wartune and what it is was to add a auction house and or in game trading system for equipment and gold and such so when say a Knight picks up a bow he can give it to a guild member who needs it or something so that gets rid of alot of problems with when you get gear for a opposite class and also helps out your friends and guild members. I also would think that you could make it so the cultivation time takes less time and also put a no limit or a higher limit then 60 more like 100 so people can constantly play instead of running the 160 stam a day then not being able to play really anymore after that. I honestly think there are alot of restrictions in this game that shouldn't be involved because it makes it less fun when you can't do anything for 8 hours till you have money or something ya know. so that is all I have to say

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    AH ( Auction house = trading ) was already spoken by PC ( wartune . c o m ) and it won't come here, no matter how many players will want it.
    If someone gets a problem/luck like you said, it recycles the item and move on.
    We all wanted that, but like I said, NO THREAD WILL MAKE AH COME ON ENGLISH SERVERS.
    Please try to read and understand cause they figured out a way to not put it cause of loosing money/balens/etc, else if it was a profit with AH, we would have had it way earlier than you think.
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      Already been asked about a zillion times, another thread won't do any good as po1nnnt says


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        if knight catches bow, unless it's purple, recycle it, simple


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          Wow, no one has thought of this idea before.

          Who would have guessed?
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            I really like this idea, but the trading must also be between same classes to help our guild members or friends... it would make the game more atractif... for those who think the game is boring right now....


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              and than it can be abused and and transfered crypt keys,sockets....from alternate character or new created to main