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Matching System Not Working

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  • Matching System Not Working

    I play this game as a form of enjoyment, and to associate with friends. Most of the game is, well, ok, as far as it goes. However, the matching system for Arenas, Duels and Battlegrounds does NOT work!

    It is totally frustrating to go into a battleground, and in the first 2 minutes, stronger opponents are camping the graveyard. You cannot get out to get a cart of minerals, and even if you do, you'll get killed before you can turn it in. It seems like lately the norm is for the strongest players to camp the graveyards, to keep weaker players from doing anything. I understand that it is PvP, and that you have to build up your equipment for battle rating to compete...but where is the fairness in a group that is 5+ levels higher with battleratings at least double? How do you expect 'weaker' players to accumulate PvP emblems to buy equipment? At level 53 I'm lucky to get 30 emblems per battleground!

    Arenas are not much better. I've been in many arenas where all 3 are between 50 and 53...yet we were consistently matched with level 60+ opponents. Again, where is the fairness in this? How can you possibly hope to achieve a win when your opponents are so much stronger?

    Duels - I've clicked thru duels 100 times at a shot, and never find anyone that is within my level & br. They are always several levels higher with ratings much lower than me. Is it the goal of this game that I lose against every opponent no matter how hard I try?

    As I said, I understand the concept of PvP. I played Warcraft for 7 years and heavy into PvP and hardcore raiding. I loved the challenge of soloing bosses in raids and defeating opponents in battlegrounds. But at least there was a fairness in the matching system used.

    I also understand computer programming, as I've been a computer consultant for more than 20 years. So you can't tell me that there isn't an easy way to make the matching system a fair concept for all.

    Simply have 3 players, levels 50, 52, 54. Their average level is 52. Their battlerating is 20k, 35k, 40k. So their average battlerating is 32k (rounded up). So the group as a whole is 52/32000. You match that rating with any other group that is within 10% +/-. Voila! You have a much fairer matching system where either side is equally matched!

    For battlegrounds you use the same rating concept. In addition, if a player challenges another player more than 2 levels lower, they get no honor, win/lose/draw. If they challenge a player 2 to 4 levels higher and win, they get double honor. Not sure how you can prohibit the camping issue, except maybe make it a violation and when reported they lose all their honor and points gained from that battleground?

    Strangely, with all the petty players that take advantage, I have never had any problems in the guild battlegrounds. My guild is ranked #2, and we always are courteous to opponents, even those that are much less powerful than we are. We never take advantage by camping graveyards, nor have any of the guilds we've fought do it. And (to my knowledge) we don't make it a point to seek out the "weakling" players and keep killing them, nor do any of the other guilds we have fought. In other words, the guilds as a whole exhibit honor and integrity and fair gameplay. If we lose, we congratulate our opponents for a good battle. If we win, we tell them good battle without rubbing it in.

    But with the current system it is totally frustrating, and I'm at a point where I am fast losing interest. I've already given up on battlegrounds on both my characters. Considering it a waste of time to do arenas any more. Don't even bother with looking for duels as it's a waste of time. Not a whole lot left for me to do, outside a few dungeons, quests, catacombs. And those are not gonna get me where I need to be with my character. Although a FTP game, I've invested a lot of money in this game for VIP & Balens on both characters. I'm starting to regret that decision as a waste of money, especially when I no longer enjoy the game. There are many others that I have spoken to that feel the same.

    Maybe, just possibly...if you made this game a bit fairer for EVERYONE, you may possibly find players liking it more, getting more involved and willing to spend money on VIP memberships and purchasing balens.

    In closing, I'd like to issue you a challenge. Create a new character - doesn't matter what class. Use VIP membership. See how well you do when you do battlegrounds, arenas, duels. Then show me how wrong I am. I'll wager you can't. And if you, the game developers, can't do it, how do you expect a new person to the game to ever accomplish anything and not be so frustrated as to give up and leave within a few short weeks? Can't be done. And you won't accept my challenge because you know I'm right.
    WHAT rating system?!?
    Could be better.
    No problem with it as it is.
    I'll keep my opinions to myself.

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    Try looking around the forum for threads about the same thing as this one. Thats all I have to say on this as everything has been said already, numerous times.

    Also post is too big, very few people will actually take the time to read it