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Double Amethyst Time -Twice a day

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  • Double Amethyst Time -Twice a day

    I just made this ticket suggesting to r2 games to intoduce twice this event,and they sent me to forums.I thought that sending a ticket values more than posting on a forum ,but they just like annoy us:,ANY1 THAT READ THIS,START SENDING AS MANY TICKETS AS YOU CAN PER DAY ASKING TO INTRODUCE THIS STUFF.Let's make their inbox full! lol
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    Nyc topic dude

    yup it would be better coz many guys miss.. mines double time
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      And don't send it just one, send it everyday! And not just about amethyst, but about returning Ragnoch too!


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        yes please we need 2 times almentys its no fair the time its to late for me do and get double almentys...please


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          I agree there should be double Amethyst.
          1. Being R2 nerfed the rewards and increased the mount cost 5k Amethyst.
          2. Not everyone has the time for it.
          3. Would be beneficial to all.

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            I agree.

            They should also put a level limit just like in battleground, because watching your amethyst sucked off by the same ******* player who has like 40 more lvls than you is just plain annoying.


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              Actually... they had stated before the mines would be introduced that there was supposed to be 2 times double amethysts time... at 11:00 and 21:00 server time. There should be a post somewhere on the forum in the events section that clearly states that. It would also explain why they moved bloodfang from 11:00 server time to 11:30 server time. U were SUPPOSED to get amthysts and then right away do the WB. Since this is R2 and there are various "accidental" overlooks by them, it will stay this way. I hate the timeing too because on both my servers it's really hard for me to do them at the double time (either too early or too late .-.). on both my servers i could do 11:00 perfectly.
              server: Kabam s30
              IGN: Leighton
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              Level: 80


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                So if you all are discontent and the forum doesn't help, send tickets to them! I am starting to send tickets today and every day they won't answer I create a new one. And not only concerning amethyst, but also other stuff too.