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Kill asima!

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  • Kill asima!

    The 200th quest should be to kill, annihilate, destroy, murder, totally ♥Lan Asima up bigtime!

    As your reward for completing this absolute moronic task of her slave driving insanity you get to pick from 200 absolute horrific ways to dispose of her.
    Deaths would be in the form of Mortal Kombat style fatalities!

    Examples be throw her off Cloud City into razor sharp spikes & watch her get impaled with maximum blood impact, or spinning blades for a similar effect.

    Post your ideas how Asima MUST meet her end!!!

    Enjoy the ideas, let's bury this ♥!
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    Would not matter as noone except the heavy cashers or people who have been playing so long they have thousands of extra crypt tokens and millions of cont. sitting around to burn.


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      the quests she gives definately need to be revamped its a bit unfair to make us use insignias and crypt tokens. etc. plus the sheeer amount of time needed to complete is way too much most ppl here work and have things around the house to do. this is ridiculous and NO THE SEALS WE HAVE ARENT NEARLY ENOUGH