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1001 reasons to do strike

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    Originally posted by AnataOFAkku View Post
    Nah...30 quests per day, need for it max 1h this is one episode of some tv show and done
    I disagree. If you have no imperial seal and balens, what if the 30 quest you get are all kill 10 sylph in L4 atoll? or kill 30 mobs in the highest lvl dungeons? If you get Lych Lair NM kill 30 mobs, you need to spend at least 10+mins to clear mobs + 2 bosses before you can get to the 3rd map to finish off the 30th mob. If u get 30 such quests, I fail to see how it can be done in an hr. It'd take u 5hrs. But of course, we're talking about worst case scenario here. At the current rate, getting sylph killing quests is a very high probability and it wastes 5 mins at least and out of 30, chances are you'd get at least 10+. 1 Hr a day is simply insufficient to do 30 quests. This is on top of 2hrs afk time staminating in altar for max stamina, 45mins blitzing cata, 40mins blitzing solo campaigns, 1hr to finish tok, spire and MPD with your usual team, 1hr for arena, 1 hr for tanks and BG, 30mins for finding best possible mines + daily plunders, 35mins of Guild tree+divine altar,30mins of WB 1 & 3, 5 - 10mins for amethyst (if you don't plunder anyone), 10 - 20mins GB. How much more time should we spend on this game then to stay in the race? The amount of time spent to do everything without balens is the amount of time we would normally spend working each day. And this is not including circuit quest. If they keep up at this pace, soon you'll need 24hrs a day to do everything.
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      I actually had a quest yesterday to go through The Void: Nightmare and kill 30 monsters. I'm level 58 and knew for a fact that finding someone to help me was next to impossible. So I took a leap and went through the MP dungeon solo. Surprisingly enough I got 30 monsters; I even went through and took on the boss; it was a success. Despite the near miss incident, those imperial seals they awarded at the advent of the Circuit quests came in handy. They need to bring them back even if they have to be rewards for completing little stuff, like terminating farm pests, energizing friends' TOA, Solo Spelunking or even for reaching a certain milestone in gameplay.