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Balen exchange

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  • Balen exchange

    It would be nice to be able to exchange bound balens for unbound balens. Or maybe put that in the convert tab. Im tired of not being able to use my bound balens on good stuff. Seeing as I run out of unbound balens pretty fast, I think that would help me out. Make it a special feature for VIP's?
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    Or don't make it a feature for only VIP's. That's a better idea.


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      Originally posted by Billy_McF View Post
      Or don't make it a feature for only VIP's. That's a better idea.
      But it has sense only when the ratio isn't 1:1, because if it was, there wouldn't be sense of having bound balens and normal ones.


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        plz fix the ratio for balens when we changed vouchers to balens it was 20:1 but now half things in the game is by bad ratio like when u reset skills it ask for 995 balens but it should be around 50 balens according to the ratio that was before same about opening more lines in my bag and the astrals bag slots all this things need fix plz cause before we could get up to 500 vouchers in guild wheel now we can max get 4 balens we cant save the balens same like we was doing with vouchers so plz fix the ratio back for bag space and reseting skills same like guys fixed farm lvl up ratio :]