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    So i was thinking. (sorry for my bad gramar)
    Why dont u guys put VIP cards in shop for unlimited time. I mean me for example i cant use my credit card in games (because of my wife) but i usualy buy balens using pay safe card and i liked when u guys put the vip cards on sale for balens. I think im not the only one that needs VIP and cant apply a credit card for it.but i can get it with balens.
    Thank you in advance.

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    The Chinese have an option where you can buy VIP via balens in game, and at different levels too.
    Not sure if R2 will ever input this but could be possible.
    Also if you have money, but don't want/have credit card, you can go to a regular store and they Sell Ultimate game cards. Only $20 I see on them. You can spend it on multiple things. In your case, you can get 2 months VIP or one month VIP and $10 recharge.

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      r2 doesnt this cause people earn free balens and get free vip :/


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        nah it's a buisiness strategy like most of there stuff. They don't have it perma in the shop bc if they do. Then people would save up bound balens or do free offers for them. If they have in the hot items section. It's guaranteed real cash to them. Plus it forces you to recharge that day or you will miss out that month.


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          yeah but r2game should think that over 30-40% of players are underaged and have no cc but they can buy balens with theyr saves. And also they can do like the vip card only can be purcashed with Unbound balens