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    Right now tanks suck, no one on my server does them as BG is better. Its always been pretty bad so a few fixes would be in order.

    1: Shorten the matches from 30 mins to 15 mins, rescale the time for buffs/powerups spawn to fit and have Boss appear at 8 min mark. Match ends at 5K+ points more then other team.

    2: Have a tank shop that sells healing/blood runes (and maybe rage) for 30ish runestones. Something permanent that lets you get other runes rather then the tiny chance on win to get one.

    3: Add tanks to the 4pm slot that the 2nd WB used to occupy. Something needs to be there, and the first shares with BG and the second is really late (server time) so give one more time.

    4: (maybe) Re balance basic starting tank, change its passive skill to 20% chance to deal 25% damage received to attacker. Low level tank battles would basically stay the same, but it would help give people with weak tanks some defense against the permi stunning super powerful level 3-4 tanks making them less pointless in mixed matches.

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    1. The longer matches I usually have last usually 15 minutes, the shorter ones 10 seconds. No need to shorten them any more.

    2. And there would be something like tank points? Well, not a bad idea, but there are too many shops for all kinds of different stuff, wouldn't you say?

    3. I would like more a boss than tanks, since you can go to tanks 1 per day

    4. Agreed, there's nothing worse than getting attacked by 3 predators and not be able to fight back, because they keep on stunning you until you are dead.


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      1. I am ok with the time i have atm. Usually my tanks finish within the first 5min.

      2. Totally agree. The drop rate of the healing and blood rune are just insanely small. My mage has gotten 82 victory chests and has not received even one of these runes and anyone who does not agree to this idea of makeing them exchangeable has a rune and does not understand how frustrating it is to lose because ur enemy had a healing or blood rune and all u have to fight with is the (granted high leveld because what else would u spend ur rune stones on now) brutality rune.

      3. Earlier tanks would be nice... closer to the last boss all that stuff that is happeneing then feels like really squeezed in anyway. GB -> mines -> tanks ->WB-> space to breath a lil ->BG

      4. that would really be nice. Then again I have fought vs 4 predators and did just fine with my starting tank because I knew what I was doing and they didn't .. tanks... the only place in the game where money and BR count absolutely nothing if u don't know what u r doing ^^
      server: Kabam s30
      IGN: Leighton
      Class: Archer
      Level: 80