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Best sylph for archers

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  • Best sylph for archers

    After the new sylphs have arrived, which would be the best sylph for archer?

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    Always Appolo !


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      in my opinion that would be either iris or gaia.

      iris due to the fact of the healing ability and its mega crit heal ^^.

      gaia due to the fact of his 5%atk bonus and the 2 +atk passive skills (buy)

      still need to wait though what dark sylph will bring

      this is only my opninion :P
      if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

      Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

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        how is Apollo good for archers?


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          Originally posted by krazz369 View Post
          how is Apollo good for archers?
          if you can get apollo its good for archer, it is best against knights,


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            Gaia is killing knights too really fast

            Iris > Multi-play dungeons,PvP,Sylph Arena
            Gaia>PvP, World Boss,Sylph Arena

            Pan>Sylph Arena
            Amazon Queen>Spire(Tanking),Sylph Arena(Tanking)


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              all i know pan is the worst ever, useless everywhere!! why?? coz it's ugly, enough reason to just sacrifice it whenever i get from circuit quest ( never have it before circuit started )
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                Gaia... =)
                *BloodyMark* (MoonstoneSwamp)
                lvl 61
                Battle rating:40k.
                Title:Mortal Blow,Sylph warior,Spelunker.
                Sylphs:AmazonQueen,Iris,Gaia-top 10

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                  For PVP I use either Iris or Gaia, depending on who else is in the BG at the time. If I'm more careful and focus on defense and healing because of tougher BG, I'll use Iris. I prefer to just go all out on attacks, so I'll use Gaia where I can get away with it. Apollo I use mostly for MPD and situations where I need crowd control.

                  It really depends on your style of play, how much cashing you do, and where you spend most of your time. I recommend any of the three I mentioned from personal experience.


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                    I use a 2 star blue Amazon sylph.(PS I am a totally non casher player) fine for me in bgs with heal I am an archer.I also combine it with bloodthirsty strike.(Archer,lvl 59,Br-62K+,server:Pearl Cliff)


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                      i use gaia 5stars blue
                      IGN: jrimba
                      Level: 71
                      Class: Archer
                      Guild: Honor
                      Server: 196-Manbrough Way
                      Br: 150k and counting
                      just a vip user

                      Honor runs in my blood..


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                        I'm using Hades and i must say it works perfectly with Archer

                        the PDEF u get from Passive Skills is exactly what you need to stand against Knights and other Archers. Also i'm loving the AOE Delphic - great to get rid of annoying highdef Troops

                        And of course Devour Soul - simply same as Bloodthirsty with more Damage. So you have 2 Skills that combine Damage and Heal + awesome AOE delphic. What else would you want?

                        I'm lv54 with 52k BR and i have no problems defeating Enemies around 60k BR - not allways, sure. and its close. But with a few Crits and some Luck and of course with Hades ;D


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                          wtg bumping an old thread A++ job
                          IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
                          Class: Archer
                          Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

                          Guild: Black Lotus
                          Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
                          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                          but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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                            i think the best sylph for archers is hercules