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    I find it very disconcerting that after lvl 62 holy seal jumps significantly and makes it even harder for lower players to hold their own in bg's and party arenas. i would like to see them disabled during those events to see if those with higher holy seals can actually beat everyone that focuses more on improving their toons. i mean how hard is it to beat someone that can't fight back. there is no sport or challenge. easy wins shouldn't be worth any honor in my opinion and shouldn't be counted towards honor gains. so if we did away with stunning lower lvl'd and lower br toons then it's more of a challenge.

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    I agree, there should be a tax on those who use Holy Seal. I know it already has a '1.5' turn base like a Delphic but, it should also consume rage. Probably an X amount of rage for the duration or Holy Seal level.

    The move shouldn't be used so frequently and should be used as a last resort but at a cost to the user. I can't tell you how many times I've come across "Spawn Campers" and their first move is Holy Seal. I still endure the 1-3 round stuns but I'm smart and strong enough to counter it. The solution to which I'm forced with is starting battle without a rune and go straight to my AoE and it will be back up again once the agonizing stun lifts.
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