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Sylph Arena suggestion

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  • Sylph Arena suggestion

    Like this if you agree with this idea that my guildmembers and I came up with:Sylph arena should be like regular arena to where you and 2 other members would be a in a lobby and each of you can put the sylph you want to enter each match should give 2x sylph exp scrolls if you lose and 5x if you win there should only be 10-15 attempts,also you could be able to control the sylph.We think that this would make Sylph Arena more interesting and less boring plus it would go faster and you will get better rewards.Thank you for reading -xXSecretfire/Thomas if you seen my post on Kabam

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    Another event time? Man, the players are gonna go crazy with millions of things to do per day.

    A game should be a game, not a chore.
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      Just making a suggestion buddy not a chore lol