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    Wow, could the circuit quests have been any worse thought out? No way of getting rid of one if you accept it, so when I'm saving my MPD for a group key run after final WB and get a MPD quest at 9:00 am I'm screwed all day. Many of the quests cost way more than the reward you get, overall it seems to be a huge wasted of time. Things that I would suggest to fix it.

    1. Make us able to drop quests just like other things but put a timer on it so people don't just keep returning quests until they get one they don't like.
    2. Get rid of MPD quests, you only have one you can run a day(getting loot/xp)
    3. Get rid of the buy a horse card quest. Really, 2.5 million gold to complete a quest to get a few thousand gold back. 2.5 Million gold is more than you get for all 200 I believe.
    4. Quicken respawn timers on teh atoll. You're putting us all in the same place and then we sit with no sylphs.

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    I think a simple solution to Circuit quests could be:

    1. To allow players to accept quests from anywhere they are standing, by using quest tracker.
    2. Each player gets 3 attempts daily to (complete a quest for free)
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