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The Reason Why People Quit The Game.

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  • The Reason Why People Quit The Game.

    Hello to all, I have some few reason why gamers who play wartune will always quit.
    Firstly, Wartune is an online game we play to have fun. But we notice that the only way to enjoy the complete feature of the game is if we consume our money to. There are alot of Online games that people can always play for free and get strong. Also there are alot of **** going on in wartune. The Circuit quests is another cashing event which will make people to keep spending money, of which will later on make people regret and then go one to quit the game. In my server, alot of people has quit the game including cashers and non cashers. I also The Balenor's Top Warrior Quit the game because Wartune has not been able to meet peoples requirements.
    Secondly, We are not allowed to attack people 10 levels higher or lower. This rule applies in plundering and dueling people in sylph atoll and altar of enoblement. But this does not apply in Amethyst Mines. Lower levels will always get in there and get plundered. This is not fair as this will encourage new hopeful people to leave the game.
    Thirdly, there are alot of people with a higher level with a low battle rating, and they get beaten up by someone lower than them and this way they feel discouraged and therefore quit the game. The reason some people quit the game is because the game is a cashing game and not everyone has the money to spend. It''s so unfair and this will keep making people quit the game.
    Forthly, the class wars is a monthly event that comes up randomly in a month once. But we always find out that the lower levels will always get beaten by higher levels in class wars. Though your must be level 50 to enter or participate. The class wars is an event that I only see big spenders there and this event had never given a chance for the lower levels. It's so aggrevating when people spend and then they quit.
    Lastly, the Jewel Hunt game, not everyone will have the time to spend money to increase attempts thus making people hate the minigame and quit the game. the mpds and other dungeons, the lower levels never get to have a great time in thses dungeons and therefore people quit the game. Also in tanks, a cashe can purcahse a Predator tank before he/she reaches the required level, this makes it cheating and makes people feel discouraged. at least, in every game, there is always a casher, a non cahser and a light casher. It would be better to satisfy these three classes in order to allow and make people enjoy the game. people will always file tickets to the R2 Games Team and they do not get helpful replies and then they quit the game. There are so many reason that people quit the game, but the ones I have listed are one of the biggest reasons people quit the game. I just hope everything turns out to be better. Thanks!