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New Title on top charm for male toon

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  • New Title on top charm for male toon

    i just want to suggest about the title for top charm., and its Balenor's Sweetheart..,
    that fits only for female toon.., what if a male toon got top charm?., is he still Balenor's Sweetheart?., sounds gay to read ehehe.., i suggest if u guys can add a new title for top charm male toon., that can call.,
    Balenor's Heartrob..., hope wartune will do my suggest thanks and good day

    from: nataraki of s14

  • #2
    Yes balenor's sweetheart sounds gay to read, but not in the sense that you might think. The sense of gay i get is a happy sounding tone, which gay is originally meant as an extremely happy emotion. And yes i am a bit bias because I am a homosexual and dislike the word gay being used in such a manner. Only things that can sound gay are things that make that emotion of extreme happiness.

    With that little rant over, there is a distinct problem with the whole title based on toon gender thing. And that is that there is currently no distinction in rankings between genders and there likely will never be. All players like to be competitive and earning titles is a goal of many gamers. IF you had the way where there is a title a person can not gain just because of gender, that sort of eliminates some of the competitiveness.


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      I can see it now lol. Belanor's finest men drinking at a pub to their victories. A stranger comes in to the party requiting introductions...

      "That my friend is "Final blow" Sirblaw, finest Swordsman who ever lived, Magedoh, Spelunker who's spells make all our enemies quiver... blaw blaw blaw... and finally LordVader Belenor's SweetHeart, The most charming man in all the land." *Met with spiled beer and much laughter*

      Truth is though I would be a little put off if indeed I was given this title though I'm sure even some straight men would like the title. I mean for some guys thats their whole gimmick lol


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        Oh ffs, there's a title that sounds a bit more feminine than others (even though Sweetheart is a perfectly acceptable term to call a guy), and people start whining again. Do you hear me whine over being LORD Divine instead of Lady? Or 'Knight-this' and 'Knight-that'?? Biased much, eh. Get a bloody life and stop whining over one small title being not as tough sounding as the others.


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          You shouldn't get any battle rating for MATK if you're a knight or archer
          as well as not gaining battle rating from PATK if you're a mage.
          You get stronger enemies in the Arena (Party) but it doesn't make you any stronger!
          I would like this to be fixed. Maybe it's even possible to get off the unneeded stat from the stats bord.
          Thank you Wartune!


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            Actually if a male character has the highest charm rating, it's not balenor's sweetheart but something more manly. I can't immediately recall what it is, but it's there.


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              Im a male char and id never wanna be called balenors heartrob. I like the title sweetheart.
              "You're the darkest burning star, You're my perfect disease"


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                The title is perfectly fine as is. My brother gets called sweetheart by TONS of people from both sexes becuase he is a sweetheart.
                It does not sound gay to me. If I was a guy, I would totally be ok with this. And you don't have to wear the title.
                Anyways, 7road is the one you need to talk too. R2 can't do anything about changing it.
                Last edited by SkiaXia; 01-29-2014, 04:53 PM.

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