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When & How Are Skill Points Issued?

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  • When & How Are Skill Points Issued?

    I can't figure it out. I'm sure it's not completely random & USUALLY happens during level-ups in games like this. I have seen a new skill point appear when I have leveled up several times, but seems like several level-ups DIDN'T come with a new point to use either.

    Anybody know the secret?

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    Every even number level gets a skill point, so at lv80 you'll have a total of 40 points.


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      Every even level that you hit you get a skill point...nothing for the odd numbered levels...just some advice..think about where you want to put your skill points...ask someone higher than you which directions you can go...saves a lot of time having to do resets on your skills.


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        Every 2 levels a player gains 1 skill point.

        10-12-14-16-18-20, etc.
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          Got it. Thx all. I knew it was simple & leveling-related. But the specifics were beyond my grasp.