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  • Equipment to recycle/enchant

    Now, don't get me wrong, I loooove only 1 mp a day, however.... they nerfed the amount of equipment you get to recycle. With circuit quests and bounty quests, I have to hunt the wilds for things to enchant and I enchant them to level 5 with luck stones for crying out loud. Give us 2x the equipment drops in mps which you have TAKEN AWAY. You give 3x everything else, but have neglected to replace that. Thank you.
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    I couldn't want anything more from this game than what you have suggested.
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      I think they don't want that due to the fact we won't be spending balens from the shop to buy the stones or buy from the hot events that pop up. In R2 eyes they re losing money right now by giving us 3x leg stones/loids so to make up for that they nerf the equip drop rate. That's another reason why they decided to give us loads of locks. Since they know we can't use them with out having refine stones. Which means we must pay balens for it. All these sneaky r2 tactics that they do and most people tend to not care since they eat up everything R2 throws at them.


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        it makes me want to spend LESS b/c they are being cheap

        I would spend MORE if they didn't pull such b.s. tactics.

        Makes them seem cheap and petty. Oh well, I will just keep on plugging away ... forget them and their 1 million locks
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          I don´t understand why u dont pick the equipament of campain? with 5 attemps(100 stamina) you can pick a lot of junk to recycle/upgrade for bound or circuit quest..


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            I dont get any!!! I recycle every scrap I find, want to know how many i got from MP and Campaign today? 0 .... exactly 0. Junk I can find anywhere ..... I am refining my 70 set, so its not so easy to use just any junk. I have to synth 10 pieces of **** to just to make 1 refine crystal. It's not easy. I have had to do DT NM farm with keys to get 100 refine xtals which are gone in an instant and still get crappy refines. We used to get about 3 times the amount of stuff to recycle, but they haven't given that back to us. They have tripled the amount of exp / legend stones / crystaloids we get, but not the recycle equipment drops.
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              Agree with you, or just reduce the amount of refinement crystals needed to 6 (for purple eq)


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                Agree 100% seriously.
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