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circuit quest sucks

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  • circuit quest sucks

    We need a way to drop unwanted quests!!! Please

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    Agree with itsalman, it's that or perhaps drop to 100 quests leaving out the atoll runs (its annoying to keep going to L1-L4 when you already have blue to orange slyphs...) if you want slyphs you can go grind like before circuit quests came about

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      They have deliberately made these quest like this so that ppl will spend the balens to abort quest. The only way anything will happen with circuit quest is if all players simply stop doing them. Most of the quests are exactly the same as bounty quests or they are stupidly annoying - like kill 10 sylphs, of do a dungeon that is 20 lvl below your current level. And lets not overlook the fact that most dungeons are stupidly easy - which is why we have Blitz