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    So after almost a week of testing them out, did u find them good?

    my feedback:

    i chose gaia for my EWD mage lvl 50. It was awesome, especially the short circuit skill. I didnt expect it to do so much damage til i found out that the bonus damage works on the same target too if there is no one on the same row/column as him. It does like 70-80% of the initial damage making this skill very strong.

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    I found Gaia hard to use against someone with almost near br as mine (79k)... My whirlwind can't still defeat the troop (including the blast from awakening)... It is such a waste to use a strong skill on the troops only... Plus, if the enemy is mage, I would be more troubled... Gaia's delphic deals lesser damage to mage, plus, since it is same br, it won't crit...

    Though Gaia is so useful in wb... My income was increased by 15-20k... My Gaia crits for 110-140k, no Unstable Voltage yet... If it does not crit, it deals around 60-70k damage, which is also good.

    About Amazon, it is awesome in 3v3 arena, as well in bg... In bg, no need to worry about defeating all troops first... You can just awaken, then use the skill to deal damage to troops, which deals large damage too (I notice if the toon is strong, the damage is also strong, like when I use Pan, I deal large damage using its skill)... Plus I hurt mages too good too, with almost near br as mine, as well as archers and knights....

    Iris is still useful for me, because of Rain Dance, which I just recently earned 745 bb... Now I just have to get it to level 55 to learn it.
    I think I'm gonna use Iris in Moon when I get to 60, cause I heard it is hard, esp in NM mode.


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      yeah, gaia hard for those that cant kill troop fast