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  • Multiple suggestions

    *Split the 'reject invitations' to multiple fields:

    Reject Arena invites
    Reject Dungeon Invites

    *Add an option for players to shut off that incredibly retarded chat filter. A filter that finds it necessary to censor out as few as TWO letters IN THE MIDDLE of a word (such as gm being filtered out of fragment to become fra**ent) is just plain FAIL. I'm an adult. I do not want nor do I need chat to be filtered.

    *Add an option to The Stranger to teleport players to any level of the Sylph Atoll. You can LEAVE from anywhere, it's just plain ridiculous to spend 5 minutes being forced to run all the way to level 4 for a CQ 8 times out of every 10 CQ's done.

    *On the same note as the previous one: Greatly reduce the FREQUENCY of Atoll missions and reduce the quantity of Sylphs required to complete the mission. 3 or maybe 5 would be a good number. 10 is too much time invested for something that is 1 out of 200. Alternately, change the mission to gather sylph essence, so that even those sylphs that give up their essence w/o a fight would count towards the mission. You can usually get 2 or 3 of those per every 10.

    *Cut the 'preparation' delay when clicking on a Sylph in half...or eliminate it completely.

    *Also for CQ: Get rid of the 'Oh, please completely waste several days worth of hard earned insignias or crypt tokens' missions....or give players 2 free Imperial skip tokens with 100 devotion along with the daily signet.

    *Add the Kyanite academy to the quick access bar so that players who forgot to spin the blessing wheel can do so while waiting for more players inside a multiplayer staging room (MPD, Spire, etc) w/o first having to leave the room, drop to their city, then spin

    *Add more spaces for sylphs in your lineup. Once the Dark sylph is in the game, a player who has 1 of every type of sylph won't be able to get any more at all...even if all they're doing is turning in the sylph essence and then sacrificing the new sylph for Sepulchrum.

    *Add the CLASS of a player into the friends list for both the friends and guild tabs. When you're trying to fill a specific role for an MPD, it would make things so much easier if you knew at a glance what class each friend is so you can ask if they want to join you.

    *Add the ability to split stacks into the blacksmith gem conversion screen.

    *Modify one of the World Boss fights, preferably the one in the evening (Ragnoch?) so that no balens can be used for buffing or skipping the death timer, but then cut the death timer in half. Many players would like to see who the actual best in the various classes are, not just who is willing to blow the most balens on a higher WB rank.