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Costumes and other alternatives

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  • Costumes and other alternatives

    1. This is not actually something to replace costumes but just to add to them.

    Having 4 slots to costumes is good and the bonus effects are more than fair. what i was hoping is to add new pieces that are not just standard. This mostly deals with wings.

    It is not that wings are a bad idea or that i dislike them because some of the wings are awesome and with the right combination, you can make a good looking character. (Even without using the costume set as given)

    What I propose is to add more weapon covers and add back items. Things like a giant sword on the back of a character or a Giant shuriken, or even just a backpack. Not everyone is crazy about the wings and sometimes wings take up a lot of space. Im not sure if that will help with lag issues or not but there is no mistake that it would be a nice thing to have for more variety and change of pace than everyone having wings. sometimes, it makes no sense to me why a guy in a beach outfit all of a sudden has wings...... or even why a rockstar has wings............but a rock start would have a strap-around piano keyboard or some band luggage on his/her back. A beach outfit with a scubba tank or a water tank that goes with the water gun weapon skin. Just saying........And we can have more weapon skins because they seem limited as well.

    There are quite a few anime/manga fans who play this game, so getting things of that nature would bring memories of other characters to them and a lot of them will jump at the chance to buy items like that to wear. Costumes are the best way to go around and say "This is MY character"

    2. More Kyanite planting
    Why is it we can only plant one kyanite plant at once? Is there a point where we upgrade our farm level in order to plant more than one? It would make a lot of sense to. Some people do not play as much so planting up to... lets say 3 max kyanite seeds would be really helpful. It would benefit non cashers a bit more. (im a casher) I believe the extra one or two plants would allow for better growth in academy.

    3. More rewards for increasing devotion for VIP
    Because VIP players get extra devotion points for logging into the game, there should be more devotion rewards for the continued play of the game. We already a list of things to do but, there can actually be a "VIP" list for those that go over 100 devotion points. Would help keep high level players for sure with the right rewards. Maybe they can get 1 Mahra and a spellcrum or even an imperial seal for playing past 120 or 130 devotion. There have been days where i get on to get the devotion and then left because i did everything i needed.

    There can even be a reward for completing the entire devotion list. Most devotion rewards are small but they help a little. so why not throw a little more into the pot.

    4. Adding another classs
    Right now we have Physical Damage dealer, Melee tank, Magic damage and healer. which are the three prime rolls but how about a Rogue class? They use both magic and physical but at the cost of very very low defense on both magic and physical defense. But, dodge is higher and maybe crit.....maybe. It is just a though. I know there will be some huge advancements with classes in a coming patch but the point at which you get it is pretty absurd in my opinion but you guys might not get to add those things. I Dont KNow.........I do know that if you add one class, you would need to change the others as well so i can understand not wanting to overhaul the entire mechanics of the game.

    5. Bounty Board
    Bounty Board needs to go.....It is free exp i guess but.....its just the same as circuit quests.....busy stuff that gives us rewards. It reminds me of what the old Mining quest was. If you want, you can give exp to circuit quests, and delete the bounty board for something else. All it does it make people huddle around the board in cloud city and create lag............much like they do now in the circuit quests. I would seriously think about getting rid of it now and maybe adding more sylph things to do? Or something.......More relevant. But the characters we have huddling around in one place, the better.

    6. Space and new help in battles.
    Actually, i feel like the game is too crowded in Cloud city. We could totally add room to it or create an entirely new place. When you added Cloud City into the mix, there was excitement like none other. The Sylphs were(still are) amazing and incredibly fun to use. There is not a single person who has much bad to say about them (if any at all). But, as part of game that seeks to grow and get larger, i believe this game should, in the future, add a third city......a city of beasts.

    As it stands, we really only have mounts that add to our stats but in regards to mount strength, it is entirely useless. What does mount strength do for us as characters? At first i thought it added to our battle rating. Looking at the special mounts, they added to our stats but, the normal mount does nothing at all. Just gives us a bogus number that amounts to zero. Training whips help increase stats but after that, what are we actually getting from mount strength.

    Because of this, i believe we should have another small partner in battle. This partner can, not only add value to our character but, be designed specifically for classes instead of a free for all like mounts and sylphs are. Maybe i am asking to create MORE lag in the game but hey, if it helps and adds a new dimension to the game, then i do not see any reason to not do it. Plus, you can add that third row back into the mix. I was not sure why it was taken away but it is lol. Then again, they can really just be there for help anyway in PvE situations as an extra attack and maybe just a boost when it comes to Multi-Player Dungeons.

    We could make them tiny beasts that attack on their own like sylphs but without an awakening and we can actually let them build their own rage gauge to use one or two attacks that can deplete the rage meter when used. Holy Seal is annoying and beneficial but it takes away from the other talents because people want the seal to be so strong. As it is, Talent leveling i capped by the seal but people can totally ignore the other talents just to add points to seal. Sure level caps holy seal but still, I do not believe using holy seal is even fun anymore. It is more of a jerk move and i avoid using it myself (Though i have used it). I would rather not use it at all and just beat someone. No, i am not a holy seal victim either. I believe that if you put something into the game, you should not have to restrict its use in ANY game mode that deals with PVP.

    My solution would be to make a third place for these small beasts. If you so choose to have a beast awakening as well as a sylph awakening, then DO IT! Let the small beasts be tiny, cute animals that can turn into large bruting beasts and fight when we call them. Or a pure support character like the troops are.

    7. PvE
    This has two parts.
    Why do we have Hero Mode option in campaign, and yet we cannot use it. This sort of ties in with the three locked plots in the Farm that people are still waiting for its use. Was its purpose to keep us from leveling too fast? Or was it not clear on how to implement it. If leveling is the issue, then raise the level cap. We can easily have 120 levels right now.

    Hero mode can be something used at a limited rate. Say, once you unlock and have unlocked all of the map and beaten it, you can (once a day) do a hero mode version of the campaign in which all of the monster's battle ratings are jacked up and the player has to traverse the entire map (I.E. level 20-30 map) before, not only continuing the story but moving onto the next map and getting the map completion rewards after completing hero mode. Now, this can be unlocked when the talents are unlocked. Blitzing gets boring and it works for people with little time but i would not mind doing a large campaign quest that costs 100 stamina and i can do things and there is actually danger of me losing. Let this not be a permanent alternative to blitzing but something else people can do. Remember, Hero mode is at the end so it can be a one try thing and of they fail they keep the exp and the items they received but cannot retry it again until a one day or few day cool down..........So maybe 100 stamina is too costly, and maybe it is free like a Multiplayer Dungeon attempt and they only get one daily.

    Second part is the fact that the wild is too limited in regards to gear! I have a level 65 archer and i want to get armor in order to refine the stats on the gear i have. But, i can only get them in Dungeons and campaigns. i can buy refinement crystals but i spend enough money on packs. Even though the option is there, adding a new place for us higher leveled characters to live would increase the amount of activity in the wilds. in reagards to attacking NPCs and not just other players. the option should be there i have almost 1k locks but can rarely use them.

    8. This game is ever popular and i believe that wartune can become something more than just a browser game. It has attracted one of the hardest audiences to attract and that is the "Non-Gamer" into a game that causes them to do battle fantasy style. Never get rid of this game EVER, that is your bread and butter. But, maybe you can create something bigger. Maybe a "World of Wartune" game where the battle are more involved and more HARDCORE gamers will play. Add one or two extra classes like a Rogue "as i stated earlier" and a pure healer class. then refine the existing three classes and add more specs to them. Allow for players to diversify their characters with different move trees and add all of the elements you have here within that game. That includes the Sylphs and everything.

    The story of Yaros can be expanded upon now because not only do you know how it ends but you also have added things to the game that can be integrated into the story. Mounts can be used as story device, sylphs can be used as a plot device, astrals can be used as plot devices, guilds can be used as plot devices. It is all there for you to create an entire world of adventure. I believe a lot of people would be into playing the game. You can implement a one time pay for purchasing the game and then using the cash shop like you do now. VIP access can also be there as well as taking care of a farm and blacksmithing. All of the things we do here can be done there.

    There can even be a bonus for those who started playing wartune on the browser, like an exp boost for logging in with same profile optional class change maybe they can keep their costumes and wing buffs. Maybe get free vip access for a limited time of the game. just throwing things out there.

    I have many ideas on 8 but i figured i have written and bored you enough for one day. if you want more just ask me. I do not mind helping if i can since i am a programmer myself. these are my suggestions and i hope i can hear back from you all on them.

    have a great day

    My character is Kiddeadpool on Kabam server 15. Archer with 60k BR currently and in the guild "The Saints" where Camryn is the guild master
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    1: a good ide, some new diferent looks willl be awsome
    2: the kya needed for advanced academy its to freaking huge, so being able to plant more kya will be a good adjustment
    3:yes thats right to. having 140 devotion only for looks its boring.
    4: not a bad idea, but implementing a new class now, when 90% of the players has a chosen and worked on class its almsot imposible,
    5: i still like it, good exp everyday. at lv 70 its 170k exp*20
    6reaty ahrd to implement and to little probable
    7:ideed i wanan know whats up with hero mode, and when can we use it


    • #3
      All great ideas.. I especially like the backpack or a sheathed sword! I was thinking small wings like on shoulders... or boots like apollo has in story books... the wings are great, but don't really go with the toon, kinda like that tank sitting in front of a mid evil castle... instead of tanks, should of been chariots.

      Great ideas kid!!
      Kabam S15


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        hopefully more people like them


        • #5
          I think it would be a good idea to have have other things to wear besides wings. I definitely agree with the kyanite planting. Also agree wit combining bounty with the circuits and would like to see less circuits. The game is becoming work....Games are supposed to be fun.


          • #6
            I only like the ideas of more Kyanite planting and Clothing. This game should never become more than a browser game.
            I have techs that I need 15k+ for one upgrade at level 60 (not to mention the advance technologies which are practically doubled in kyanite requirements), is ridiculous considering I hardly can get Kyanite and I rely on planting them to gain more or stealing other people's kyanite, which I honestly do not like doing, nor plundering people just for kyanite. Yes, I plunder for KYANITE because it is so damn hard to GAIN in this game. At least to me it is.

            Also, for the clothing department, I like new looks. I like to see people's outfits. Also, with this, there should be an option to hide a certain piece of clothing instead of just ALL clothing.

            Good ideas though, Kingdeadpool!


            • #7
              Also, adding Kyanite to World Boss and the Warrior Prize wouldn't be a bad idea either. Even if it is just 500 per failure/7k for Prize. It is something.


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                One more thing about Kyanite....the Blessing Wheel. That there costs 2k Kyanite per spin. And if people are highly unlucky, you can spend over 30k kyanite right there. This needs to be reduced in price for spinning the wheel.


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                  I think the game can be ported to a larger scale because of how popular the game is. Giving bonuses to the browser players to transfer their characters while maintaining the browser game. I was not saying get rid of this, I was saying go big and create one to draw in the hardcore gamer to the world of wartune. You can still play this game but there will come a point where there is too much to place on a browser.

                  I mean, some games are just 100% clutter on the screen of browser games. You have 60 things to click and you don't even know why they are there. Wartune opens the game up to you as you play, minus all the extra games. They are unlocked as you play on. It's slow enough for beginners to dive in and feel good about themselves