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Able to leave tanks just before dying and return full health

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  • Able to leave tanks just before dying and return full health

    One person uses this exploit on our server. When he gets low HP on his tank he leaves the match and then re-enters full health. The opposing team doesn't get points for a kill and his points are still added to the team score (although his personal points restart at zero). I would like to suggest that a 5 minute AWOL penalty be added for leaving a tank battle, the same as what is already in place for leaving the Battle Grounds. This way a person couldn't repeatedly do what I mentioned above and it should be an easy fix to implement. Problem solved I hope? TY for your time and attention to this matter.
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    I fully support this.
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      I dont support it mostly for the fact that I think tanks should be abolished completely. Most people do the "quick tank" thing where two people start together, one kills the other quickly and the dead person quits. Event ends and max rewards for the one player. Even with out this, starting a few minutes before the end normally results in an easy pick up. Playing an entire 20-30mins for a few runes is retarded.