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How much chance to draw Atoll sylph quest from Circuit?

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  • How much chance to draw Atoll sylph quest from Circuit?

    To me, it is horribly high, I have 60% chance to get Atoll sylph quest, is it only me to have such a bad luck?

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    at first me too was ****** at atoll quests but now u should look at good side.. which is in time u collect essences that can exchange for green or blue shylps , sacrifise for speluncrum..and finally it still better that buying stuff with tokens or insignias..


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      I'd say about 50% or so is atoll quests...

      I like the quick easy hire troop ones best.

      And like Suren45 said... better than watching your crypt tokens disappear...
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        Keep an eye on the thread where the % chance to draw Atoll quests will be answered over the course of the next couple weeks.

        I'm keeping a log of every CQ I run, and updating that thread daily. Just started it yesterday, so only 40 of them in there so far....but I plan to eventually have a sample size of at least 500 posted in there.


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          i got 1 every 3-4 quests. at least it's much better than kill 30 LL NM monsters, which i got thrice this week.
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