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Clothing Synthesis without Good Luck Charms

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  • Clothing Synthesis without Good Luck Charms

    When happens to the clothings when it's a failure?

    Do you lose both clothings when you try the synthesis of lvl 2 cloth + lvl 2 cloth without charm?

    Does the synthesis of lvl 2 cloth + 2 cores (or 5 cores) give you a chance (or a higher chance) of getting a lvl 3 cloth?

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    You only need 1 core to try, if it fails you get a new look but don't lose clothing. No point in trying with level 2 clothing and no good luck charm. You can buy with bound balens from mistery shop, where is cheaper then balen shop. The chance without good luck charm or with only a core is "good", meaning it's ****.
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      you dont lose but but the second one (right side) in case of failure, so make sure the good clothing is in the left side. Still i wouldnt advice you to try it