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More lvls please!!

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  • AnataWaBaka
    started a topic More lvls please!!

    More lvls please!!

    from what i know, the maximum lvl in wartune is 80 right? ehm, that's not cool, cause when you get to lvl 80 you won't get all skills, i mean, by my calculations you need to be lvl 92 to have all skills, 92 isn't a nice number, so.. at least you could put max lvl to 90, that would be cool, so.. please tell in the comments if this would be a good idea or not, and say why would be good or not.

  • Mod-Michael
    You should choose wisely the skills, that you have so far as i`m aware of we won`t have more than 80 anytime soon.
    And even if it will be, mostlikely other skills will be added as well that's why there are double-skills, try and gather Bound balens if you don`t take balens.
    Have a little patience and take it like most of us do.

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