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  • WILDS Treasure cache

    Would it be possible to make rewards from these treasure caches in the wild better but in return for making them better make them harder? i find them fun just to pass some time btween battle ground and such but the rewards are just god awful. be great if u guys could put rare rewards in that u get once in a while like 10 or 5 mahra, spectrum whips or socketing rods just to make it a bit more worth taking the time to find these things in the wilds. hope u guys see this be a great addition to wartune i think and its something to keep the f2p players to keep playing as well. Thank you

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    The rewards are perfect, low level enchantable (or recyclable) gear. Best way for me to get those circuit and bounty quests done that make me enchant


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      I agree with R239765429 the treasures are too low for the lvl their aimed at,

      As well as the Gold mines I go to the wilds to do the Quests where you need to kill the 10/20 or so to complete the Quest,

      I don't bother hitting the treasure caches for the reasons stated espically when there's managogs etc about to give you some useful daru,


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        u prove my point thats all it really is good for, enchanting **** armor like 3 4 times and get 20k xp.


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          Aren't we supposed to be losing the wilds anyway? Thought I read something about that back when 2.1 part 1 was being released.
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