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  • Mahra promotion pack

    Hi guys, is it worth buy the mahra promotion pack to upgrade sylphs if they are in shop or is there better way?

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    To me it's useless beyond any imagination, except if you're rich and you can afford those packs.
    It's a very bad investment compared to what you pay.

    Take the current event, which is much better, where you can buy 100 lvl 3 refinement stones for 299 balen. That's a GREAT deal.
    I always outweigh the pro's to the cons and while I'd like to lvl my sylphs, I just don't see how you should spend 30 dollar on 100 mahra lmao (which is only about 1000 exp excluding the blessing).
    That means if you want to lvl it from blue to purple, you need to spend about 450 dollar (15k exp) (excluding blessing).
    Level it from purple to orange, again excluding the blessing, you need to spend 3750 dollar (125k exp).

    Luckily it's 'only' maxed at 10/day lol, so in the end the heavy cashers will 'only' spend about 300 dollars a day on this .

    Mahra Pack II:
    Mahra x100
    Price: 3150 Balens. Limit of 10 per day.
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      so is there any other good chance to lvl sylphs


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        You save and store stuff like Mount Training Whips and Soul Crystals. This last event alone I got my Iris 3 stars and I got the Ancient Dragon Mount with the mount training whips I saved.
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