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    Does it make a difference when transforming sylphs what lvl they're upgraded to beforehand? For example, assuming the same amount of sepulchrum invested, would a 4 star purple gaia make a stronger hercules than a 2 star? If so, would it make sense to wait until you've upgraded your sylph to orange before transforming it, or can the difference be made up after transformation? Finally, if the difference can be made up, does it still make sense to wait due to costs? The reason I ask is because of what happens with gear. If you made a 70 piece legendary before enchanting it at all, all of the enchants would cost more than if you enchanted it to 21 before making it legendary. Just wondering if it'll work the same way with sylphs.

    Thanks in advance for any info,

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    there was similar thread already, there is checkbox to allow you spend balens to make evolved sylph inherit 100% quality and stats, or you can only have 80% quality and stats of original sylph without balens spending.

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