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waste of cata attempt

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  • waste of cata attempt

    so this guy tell me i can continue my cata and still use yesterday's attmpt.

    It used my today's attempt.

    i do something wrong?
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    You used yesterday's attempts.

    So not sure what you did there.
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      you can use yesterday attempts as long as you dont exit it while dead. Make sure that you are alife when exiting it , and when you enter the next day you can continue it


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        You have 24hours, from 05:00 to 05:00 server time, to start your Catacomb Attempt. If you start it within that time allotted you can continue it into another day and it won't consume that day's attempt if you continue and complete the prior day's attempt.

        Start 'A' attempt on day '1' between hours 05:01-04:59
        Continue day '1A' attempt into day '2' and after completion of 'A' start 'B' within day '2' alotted time of 05:01-04:59
        With that in mind it's possible to complete three Catacomb attempts on day '3' in a 5 hour window starting at 00:01 server time to 04:59, which is handy for events like StinkyPiles, LuckyPacks, etc.
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