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Prices listed far too high

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  • Prices listed far too high

    I live in Canada and on a fixed income, I love the price of buying diamonds, but it comes down to being able to actually afford anything decent with 500 diamonds, then actually having anything valuable. When I look in the shop, the only thing valuable were the wings, the gear and the horse, the horse you need 50 of to make it worth while so for me its pointless to waste money on it. The cheapest wings are 599, and the gear? I will be lucky if I can get 2 pieces. I think some consideration needs to be made on the prices, and the horse prices, 50 of it is way too much for the first horse upgrade. Maybe 10, then 20, then 30 and so on.

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    Also, just to add to this, you may wanna make it easier to find your website and information on this game, an IG link to contact any GM's online and such would be helpful as well.


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      Get out while you can.
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          Umm just Be patient. Take what you can get and just do VIP, by April, there should be a VIP shop and VIP players will get discounts on items so just use VIP and take advantage of unlimited events to upgrade yourself


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            While I can understand that, waiting till April is a long time to wait for anything good.....


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              I agreed with CondorHero /malleus, Get out from the game while you still can.
              Originally posted by Wraithraiser
              Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                yeah, get out before this game takes over your life!
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