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Video - Tips for Tank Trails

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  • Video - Tips for Tank Trails

    Video is self explanatory. (Just some helpful hint for people having a hard time).

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    I didn't know you can change targets, unless you get really far away from the target that you shot. which is the button for it?
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      Originally posted by Draggyy View Post
      I didn't know you can change targets, unless you get really far away from the target that you shot. which is the button for it?
      Hover over the tank you wish to target and Left-Click.

      After watching your video, you have a nasty habit of trying to steal last-hit.Even as far as to go 5-8 seconds without firing your primary weapon. Overall if you keep firing your cannon your points will rack up.
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        I would like to add some tips here as well for tanks:
        1. Gang up - Don't be bashful about ganging up on enemy tanks, it's law of the jungle during tanks. The quickest time I see teams skunking other teams is when they're able to rotate and gang up on each of the 4 enemy tanks one by one. The other team can't score points if they die over and over again.

        2. Weapon rotation tips:
        Poison - You can fit in two normal attacks within poison's cooldown. So the best rotation that I've found here is
        Poison > normal > normal > Poison > normal > normal > Poison>etc.
        ^this rotation almost acts as a chaingun as there's almost constant dmg to the enemy tanks and with 20 rounds of ammo I'm usually able to kill 3-4 tanks before I run out. I can almost kill a laser user one on one with this rotation. Even if I die my poison ammo will last longer than their laser ammo so I can just kill him 1-2 times afterwards making up for their kill on me.

        Spinal Tap - You can fit in one normal attack with in it's cooldown.
        Spinal tap > normal attack > Spinal tap > normal attack> etc.

        This weapon also has 20 rounds and stun is helpful at countering or diminishing the dmg of laser/thunder bomb users.

        Bombs - Have about the same cd as Poison, so the rotation is essentially the same.
        You an try to attack a cluster of enemies and/or You can also attack enemies in two different directions. You can normal attack an enemy in front of you and then use the bomb to target enemies in a different direction (usually aiding teammates in the process). Bomb users are also a good option to take on laser/thunder bomb use as bombs can almost do as much dmg. You may not kill them out right but you can leave them very vulnerable for a teammate to finish them off.

        ^^ If you're being targeted with bombs I recommend hugging the bomb users to diminish his attack radius and/or fleeing away from teammates to limit the number of teammates taking dmg.

        Laser/thunderbomb - easy rotation laser/thunder > laser/thunder > laser/thunder>etc. Very little cooldown so I don't bother with normal attacks at all (unless they're fleeing- see below), I usually just sit in the center area of the map underneath one of the corner bushes to use as cover and then just blast away until ammo is depleted. If you have thunder try to stay near team mate so they can reclaim thunderbomb. Also try to nab heals/shields to prolong the usage of thunderbomb.

        Shields - if you have shields try to engage laser users if you can so that they deplete their ammo faster.

        3. Tactic for fleeing almost dead enemies- If any enemy is almost dead and is fleeing, simply follow behind them and simultaneously using strictly normal attack until they're dead. Your tank will only stop long enough to shoot so unless they get shoes they will be dead before they can get away and using normal ammo here will conserve special wpn ammo for your next victim.
        4. Tactic for when you're almost dead- You can do the opposite of the above via shooting your attacker while fleeing away. You can also lead your attacker into the boss as he likes to target tanks w/in his proximity or lead your attacker into teammates attacking range.