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    Ok, I'm not a serial complainer, I've lodged 2 tickets for what were legitimate issues. The responses I received were absolutely pathetic and beyond a joke. You could probably train a chimp to write a better response. Actually, they don't even need to write the response, since it looks like all they do is copy and paste a random scripted reply. It makes me wonder who on earth are being paid to answer these tickets, and if they are being paid, they're claiming wages fraudulently because they certainly aren't working.

    Ticket #1, lodged 5th December at 5:11pm regarding getting cheated out of a MPD attempt due to an ongoing glitch.

    At 5:23pm on 5th December I received what I can only assume is a reply from a bot, since no free-thinking human being I can imagine would reply as such. The reply asked me for character name, server, browser, ip address, and MPD map. All of which (except the ip address) was included on the original ticket, character name and server are mandatory fields.

    I replied straight away, hoping for a fast resolution. I wasted my time, I got no response, no nothing. I waited, then gave up. Yesterday I discovered to check on the status of the ticket and it was closed, no resolution, I provided the information you requested and my ticket was promptly closed.

    Yesterday I noticed I could reply to the ticket, which would re-open it. I did so, and asked why my ticket was closed and if I could have a reply to my query. I got a prompt reply that said:

    Lag is an international problem among all gamers and it has enraged loads of player all over the world. We know this and you also know this. We are very sorry that this is happening to you so let me give you some advice, please try some of the following:

    This actually made me LOL! Can you please work closely with the United Nations to solve this international enraging lag issue that threatens world peace!

    The 'suggestions' I received were the usual tribe; delete cookies, cache, temp files, restart browser, give flash player unlimited storage, check antivirus/firewall settings to give Wartune full access to my computer, disk cleanup, reinstall windows, and finally, buy a new computer.

    This kind of advice is really irresponsible, how can your support people tell someone to buy a new computer because of glitches in a flash game. Not even trying to take some responsibility that there may be bugs in the game, blaming the user and their hardware 100% for any problems. A lot of us pay good money to play this game, and this is the kind of support you feel like we deserve to receive. This advice is in no way helpful and just serves to try and deflect us from either answering us appropriately, looking into our legitimate issue, providing compensation or any accountability.

    I'll lodge another ticket in the future, if I ever again feel like being treated with contempt.