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An End to Soul Engraving Events !?!?

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    They should really stop sc events.
    So that I will not save sc and mount whips anymore.
    It already is a trouble stacking up those things... Even in Lavash's method of kicking you to put the items in the mail, it is trouble too... You have to open each mail to see where you put those things you need too, meaning, you will reduce the expiry date to 3 days.

    Stopping sc and mount whip event will lessen trouble.
    Go, go, go, stop it!!! :P


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      Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
      Chinese has an update where you can stack 9999 souls/tokens/ins/etc now, so just need to wait till it gets here too.
      That's a more reasonable solution than ending these events.
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        If youve maxed your soul engraving and cant take part in a SC events...well thats tuff **** sunshine. My runes are maxed, hear me complaining?? or maybe.. STOP all rune events!!!! pfft.


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          Originally posted by S44-ZEREF View Post
          meaning alot of people preparing SC for the event therefore no cashing during event therefore it must be removed,your coment was dumb?
          read his post. he was saying they were complaining

          Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
          Dude, as long as people keep asking, they want the event so bad cause they have SO many whips/souls prepared, and here I don't talk about non-cashers. Take a look at top cross servers ( ok, no onimad or those who have 80 soul ), but others, they can have more than 30/40/50k, whats the use of spending? What profit does R2 get? If even cashers prefer the free way and not money way, then yes, its clear enough that their profits are going down and they'll make limited quests, seeing all learned to save and not to waste.
          Dude doesnt matter the ppl who already got the lvl 80 engraving just have to save the sc for the update where they will implement dragon soul engraving or something like that....with the soul crystals u have now u can synthetize them to the dragon souls or something like that but i know the sc we have now will still be of use and yeah i know about cashers that spend fortunes on sc example is wartawan on last sc event he went from lvl 50-55 to lvl 76 engrave...

          Soooo im pretty sure r2 wont lose profits even if ppl already reach lvl 80 engrave and keep on saving sc and im pretty sure wartawan will keep on buying themxD
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            Originally posted by Eyekillu2 View Post

            Just thought you'd all like to know what they're thinking of possibly doing. I'd like to hear some of your thoughts about this and how you think it'll affect the game, players, etc.
            i don´t think so cus is a good business for R2games why? cus they always add pack the soul engraving for to be bought , and always there is people that will spent cash for this pack :P, , still when many people we saved our soul crystal
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              2 facts, sc event is always in half of month, mount in the end
              I dont care aBout theard like this,r2 will not remove sc or mount time to stop complain, i have in bag 25k sc and i know i will get good oportunity to spend it...


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                This is merely a ruse. They are trying to scam more players by throwing all the blame to us because more people getting smarter by saving soul crystals for the event and not buying those crappy event boxes.
                Originally posted by Balthazar5693 View Post
                Try league of Angels way cheaper and way more fun ive about washed my hands of wartune
                More fun? yes. Cheaper? lolheckno, that game is more P2W than wartunes.
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                Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                  I think must be option for this with 80+ level to use soul crystals and gain quest items, just will not gain any extra bonus from sc. All will be happy, people will still buy sc and use them even maxed.


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                    Let me get this straight. They are thinking of canceling an event because someone complained about people saving up soul crystals for an event and they did not have any.

                    This is whats wrong with the reasoning.

                    1. When we first start this game, we are give a tutorial where we are also shown hot events. (If memory serves me correct we have to click on Hot Events during said tutorial)

                    2. At anytime we can look at events posted in the forums both past and present to see what kind of events that are held, so they know what they need.

                    Shouldn't that be the players responsibility? Why make it the the fault of the people that make the game?

                    This should really be thought through.


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                      Originally posted by notsonice1 View Post
                      Let me get this straight. They are thinking of canceling an event because someone complained about people saving up soul crystals for an event and they did not have any.
                      That's because on Proficient City... Elite Club is basically made up of people that spend 500+ USD a month on Wartune. (you have to at least spend that much to join into the Club)

                      It's basically a Heavy Casher Club.

                      And they complain Free Players was getting too much Free Stuff... yea... you see where this leads too... Money > People, it's how Wartune's business runs.

                      They don't give a damn if Free Players complains as long as Heavy Cashers are happy.