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soul crystal event

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  • soul crystal event

    does anyone know when the next soul crystal event is for server 389 dark summit

    name: Bartholimue
    sever: s389 dark summit
    lvl 61
    BR: 42225

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    i am srr i am like this, but like all the otehr new post answers, no one knows, and the new events did not evan start. the sc event might be or not in the next 2 weeks


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      normally it occurs in 2nd week of new month of events. We're still on the Jan events so chances are you'll need to wait a couple more weeks.
      IGN: Athena
      Guild: Warriors
      Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
      Class: Archer
      Difficulty Level: Noob
      BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)


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        just i know that should be soon O_O XD
        Game : Wartune
        Name: Xias
        Server: Kabam 21 (merged with 18)
        Guild: Redemption
        Class: Knight
        BR: 120.493 with bless and my stronger sylph (lv 74)
        Casher: not ATM (some day xD )
        Sylph. blue iris 5 stars 19.150 BR
        Playing since 28/04/2013


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          and we hope and dream it will be unlimited


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            Originally posted by Alinshinoby View Post
            and we hope and dream it will be unlimited
            It always is, R2 won't make any money off of it otherwise.


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              Originally posted by Stormsiren View Post
              It always is, R2 won't make any money off of it otherwise.
              they did limited sc events not too long ago and they made plenty off of the players that simply cashed for the mount


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                at that time was only 1 hot event for whole month , including limited sc and whips, were if lucky and had enough you could get mount, or what other rewards there were. then they broke the month in 2 diferent hot events, but each of em had a limited sc and the otehr whips, and the nr of cards/pieces/shards nedded for mount was lower. but since december the events for sc were unlimited same for whips, like they were in the summer of last year, and i think its the best way they should be, beause with good rewards for events, people evan if they have lots of sc, show me 1% of big cashers that waits for sc event tog et mount, and not only big cashers , i know lots of low or average cashers who still buy those boxex, because the want the mount first and more rewards


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                  i think there is one upcomming soul crystal event coming on on this valentines event